Little Penguin Art Workshops

Little Penguin Art Workshops for Children

By Instructor EKin yagman

Little Penguin is a series of children art workshops based in Toronto, Canada. Classes are designed to guide kids to explore their creativity, and help them experiment with various art forms.

Located inside the beautiful Artscape Youngplace arts and culture hub in West Queen West, Little Penguin workshops bring together creative minds in small groups of 8 to 10. Both children and their parents are encouraged to express their ideas in drawing, painting and printmaking.

There is no right or wrong way of making art. Your children will be empowered to make choices and take responsibility by thinking like an artist and applying creative problem solving skills. All of this, while having lots of fun!



Pre-registration is required for all workshops. You can register for a single class or multiple ones, using the purchase options below. Workshops are not series.

New Workshops in Fall 2019

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In these workshops, children will be guided through various forms of mixed media and printmaking projects that involve creative thinking. Both parents and children will be encouraged to work together with simple tools and techniques to create art and express themselves while having fun.

  • At least one parent or caregiver is required to attend with the child. Both parents are welcome to join, the more the merrier!

  • Class is limited to 8 children.

  • All materials are included.

I am looking forward to introducing your children to printmaking and art!


ekin & mimi


Hello, nice to meet you : ) I’m Ekin!

I am a printmaker, mom, graphic designer, traveler, arts educator, cinephile, photographer and art history enthusiast.

I discovered printmaking as a graphic design student at university. Following years as a designer at media corporations, advertising agencies and a renowned Toronto Art Gallery, I returned to take up a full time studio practice in printmaking & art.

Since my daughter was born, I have been actively involving her in my studio practice and we truly enjoy creating art together. I would love to share this joy and my experiences with you and your children.



Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street
Toronto, ON



If you have any questions, or if you are interested in learning more about any of my workshops, please email me at